Location & Showroom

You must visit our large and beautiful showroom to appreciate the sparkle and glitter of 2 full-sized mirrored wall displays that show the latest in design and innovation. Full mirrored fireplace and bar displays show clearly why we surpass everyone else in elegance and style. We also display many one of a kind and original mirrors with additional examples of ingenious custom beveled glass tables and furniture.

Our shower doors are also a premier facet of our business and our 17 displays show many comprehensive examples. Life sized shower doors, from standard bypass and simple swing designs to luxurious heavy glass creations, dominate a whole end of showroom.

The latest options such as carved tops and in-panel steam transoms are shown to allow you to see and understand how all these systems are crafted to fit your particular need.

Barron Mirror Glass & Door

125 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd.
Chesterfield, Mo. 63005

Phone: (636) 230-6300
Fax: (636) 230-9423

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